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Sunday Outing!

[continuous from Saturday Night Fever]

Had endless chit-chatting with sisters until think it was about 03:15AM when my dad knocked on the door on his way to see a patient. Then and then only we realised how late it was.

Slept off quite easily I can say as I didn’t remember doing anything else after that lengthy pillow talk.http://emo.huhiho.com Woke up around 12:00PM by a nice aroma of sup tulang.

NOoOo!! I know am a late riser but I don’t possess that eat-without-showering or eat-without-brushing-teeth habit. LOL. After the goodbyes I made my way back to KL and reached at about 17:00PM.

My oh my!!! It was pouring…raining like cats and dogs. Got myself ready and since it was raining, I took our Malaysia most convenient mean of transportation- LRT.

Luckily managed to get there in time to collect 3 tickets to watch Niyang Rapik- a thriller movie directed by Ahmad Idham. Not a bad movie at all. Not really the best but he should get applauded for his attempt.http://emo.huhiho.com

I was there with my bestie and her crazy-funny hubby. Our next agenda on the list was to watch Manchester United vs. Liverpool match at any nearest –>>where else?! MAMAK stall. The rain hasn’t stop and I know mookie was also watching the same match with his hommies. We then look for a spot to chillaxing while her hubby concentrate on the match.http://emo.huhiho.com

Well, what can I say! Sigh…Malaysians are just some lunatic-die-hardcore fan of MANU. Every mamak or should I say, every eateries outlet that has a flat screen tv or a projector thinga-ma-jiggy in every nook and cranny of KL was packed with people in red shirts!!

We were in Hartamas and we were about to give up–started walking towards KFC for take away. **blink blink blink** Modesto was showing the same match with only 2 tables occupied.

You probably would have guess…YEP! That was where we were chillaxing, gossiping, laughing and jesting until …basically midnight. OoOpsie…forgot! The score 2-1 [of course ManU 2- Liv 1 ]!

Just in case you dearies are wondering that half moon thingy, it’s called Calzone Ripieno and the second plate with baby clams-if am not mistaken was Spaghetti Allae Vongole. BbuUuRPp!! Back home, waited for nearly 30 minutes for mookie and here I am. What a fully occupied day for me. Definitely worth while with these two kept making me laugh.

LOVE YOU GUYS!http://emo.huhiho.com

Let’s call it a night now…till then dearies!


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