For HIM & For ME!



I know usually when it comes to hantaran normally the girl will buy her own stuff vice versa and then exchange those gifts before the wedding for it to be decorated and designed into nice flowery handicraft which I think very beautifully done, ready to be presented. But I have decided to buy him his gifts and he needs to buy mine. And trust me it is a massive headache!

Well… here is my list {oh! since he decided to give me 7 trays therefore I need to give him 9 trays in return}. WHY? Frankly it has always been the tradition and always an odd number and the bride’s family will reciprocate with 2 more trays; e.g. If the groom’s family decides on 7 trays, the bride’s family must return 9 trays. Get it? Haha.



Sirih Junjung

{This is a MUST! It’s like the start/head of all other gifts and do note that this is not your ordinary bouquet; the daun sirih (betel leaves) nicely folded into heart-shaped interspersed among the flowers.}

Wedding Band & Engagement Ring

{Since my parents decided no need for engagement ceremony, therefore need to give each other 2 rings!}

Cloth Material

{This one is also customary for the bride—ME, to make it into dress to be worn when visiting his side of family}

Perfume & Body Care Products


{I have no idea since he said he will get his mother or aunty to do their traditional sweets}


{Not sure about what is this going to be either as he said it is their culture to give to the first son’s wife. So let’s wait and see!}


{This one is because he is a computer geek. I requested for Dr.Dre’s BEATZ. But I guess I’ll settle with whatever he plans to give me 🙂}


Now it is my turn!


Sirih Junjung

Wedding Band & Engagement Ring


{Oh! I bought this when I paid a visit to Mekkah many years ago.}


Shirt Set With Tie & Cufflinks

{Going to get it from Cuffz! in Pavillion —I think!}

100 Pcs Of Macarons

{Ordering from Babycakes @ GTower —contacted!}

Set of Perfume

{I love him in Polo Black! Yummsss!! LOL.}

Classic Leather Shoe


{I have found what I wanted to give him: NINTENDO Wii!}



I think this is it for now. I forgot again. Yes! For bunga telur/bunga pahar…granny said 50 pcs is more than enough. D’accord then! And my gamelan I found out one of my schoolmate’s dad provide this service so that is also DONE! Scratch off my list 🙂






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