AKAD & Bridesmaid & dot dot dot …

Last Sunday, I went out wedding shopping with mommy and well, the whole family basically. I was quite amazed at the fact that we’ve actually chosen and decided on what material and design to wear on the big day. For my nikah I have decided to tailor a simple modern baju kurung with chiffon scarf and top with 3 meter cathedral mantilla-lace veil, of course, matching with off-white satin for my man.

I know the lace look plain…but hey managed to get the last piece of this Solstiss French Lace and I purposely bought without any beadings because I want to custom the beadings myself. As my reception going to be very {I mean VERY} traditional Malay wedding and it’s going to be ivory gold…we have decided for my sisters who are going to be my bridesmaids, I got them butter yellow chiffon beaded material and for my family, they are going to wear dark moss green. I hope it will turn out NICE! Whooppeee….




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