Grins and Smiles… -_*


Is it really my topic for the day? I don’t know. But yesh! I am grinning and smiling at the same time lately.

There is a reason why Idid that smile…and yesh I was smiling at the guests, not to my fiancé’s camera!

Grin [grɪn] smile with the lips drawn back revealing the teeth or express (something) by such a smile to grin a welcome
2.(intr) to draw back the lips revealing the teeth, as in a snarl or grimace grin and bear it.
Informal :to suffer trouble or hardship without complaint.

Smile  [sml]

1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.
2. A pleasant or favorable disposition or aspect.





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