Moments of YOU ♡♥♡♥♡



The moment I think of you I go into another world;

a world where you love me so much and I can never be hurt.

The truth is, I don’t know what to say. My mind goes completely blank.

In life I have lost my way, but with you I knew I had found my way…finally.

My heart sank, I can hear the strong voice telling me

“What is it that you do that makes me love you so?”


Maybe, loving you isn’t a mistake.

Maybe, I can close my eyes and smile again.

Maybe, in your presence my heart wouldn’t break.

Maybe just maybe I can dream for a while.


I have no clue. Sometimes I wonder if you feel the same way.

Do you think of me like I think of you every second of the day?

I wonder if you sometimes silently call out my name?


In the beginning I thought it was fake, I didn’t think I could love somebody this much.

I’d never though I’d go this far. Now I can’t stop wondering where you are…


The question that keeps pondering my mind.

“Do you care?” “Do you even know?” “Will you always be there?”

If for any reason I cried, would you take the pain away?

If for any reason I tumble and fall, would you lend me a hand and catch me?

Would you hold my hand and tell the world that I am your world??


My love for you is way too strong for me to simply forget. Some people might think it is just another game we play, but your love is the one thing I can never regret.


Baby, just so you know…with every passing day I find myself falling more and more in love with you!






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