Filofax 2011 *_-

Some of you might be thinking…What in the world is filofax?!


Truth is nothing fancy. Filofax is a company based in the UK that produces a range of well known personal organizer wallets. Its name originates from an abbreviation of the phrase “file of facts”. These organizers are traditionally leather bound and have a 6-ring-loose-leaf binder system which means you can put any type of refills you want. The good thing is that the leather they produce superbly done and chic AND every year, all you need to do is buy the refills. Not a whole new organizer anymore. Sounds good aye?

I was looking at these 2 options and thinking to order it online. I liked the first one “MALDEN” in ochre because of its rustic stitching with a touch of soft, casual construction. Height 147mm and its width 115mm would be just nice…don’t you think?

And the second option is “GRAPHIC ZIP” in red because it looks more urban and contemporary. And the zipper makes it look neat with its height 209mm and width 141mm.


Okay so now you must be wondering, what is the price like for these two. To my surprise it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to own a filofax. Malden is selling at GBP 55 where as Graphic Zip is at GBP 34. Not bad at all aye? SO now am fickle…so what. Am pretty well known at being fickle {LoL}. Which one you reckon I should get?







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2 responses to “Filofax 2011 *_-

  1. I just received the Adelphi in red from Filofax UK, it is georgeous!
    Also, FYI, Filofax Italia has the Graphic Personal Zip on sale, at 22,50 euros (and many others)! I got one in A5 at 32,50 euros.

    • Hi dear,

      Yeah, i find the one with zipper is better because you can just put everything inside without accidentally leaving stuff behind. And red is definitely gorgeous! I’ve the Adelphi in red. Love it! Thank you.

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