Weekend Spent…

Oohhh…I haven’t had a “mind-blowing” weekend for quite sometime now and my lovely stinky bear made it happened for me. Nothing superb and expensive really… it was just the two of us doing nothing at home besides each other’s arms. We went to a wedding Saturday afternoon and did some groceries. Then we were at home downloading and watching movies. We ended the day with late supper at KFC and called it a day!

Sunday was totally a different story…we were supposed to get our arses to a career fair by Jobstreet. Not quite looking for a new job just need to see what is in the market and what are the salaries like nowadays. To my disappointment we did not go to the career fair since stinky bear is not that much of an early riser. I woke up about 8.30AM then slept again and finally got up around 10AM. Had my koko crunch cereal in front of spongebob squarepants before I went inside to wake him up. Waking stinky bear is definitely a hard work. Haha…not that am complaining. Am loving it every second of them all.

We got up got ready and went for lunch at Little Penang Cafe@KLCC before headed to Pavillion/Sg Wang/Low Yat/Lot 10 to meet his brother and a friend. That was quite a walk. I swear I was sweating like an Oink oink! But it was fun…i know stinky bear didn’t want to let me follow him because he knew they will be walking around NON-STOP but being the stubborn me, I want to be with him anywhere at all. I don’t care. LOL.

We were walking around in Low Yat and I sort of got myself into buying an HDMI cable. Finally! But that was definitely unnecessary spending indeed. We planned to have our dinner at Ar-Rawsha but ended at Kayu Nasi Kandar@Lot 10 instead!

We took the monorail back and went home. Tested the cable and voila!

P/S:: Thank you Mr. Stinky Bear for such a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to be in your arms again next week. Let’s go crazy again!





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