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Moments of YOU ♡♥♡♥♡



The moment I think of you I go into another world;

a world where you love me so much and I can never be hurt.

The truth is, I don’t know what to say. My mind goes completely blank.

In life I have lost my way, but with you I knew I had found my way…finally.

My heart sank, I can hear the strong voice telling me

“What is it that you do that makes me love you so?”


Maybe, loving you isn’t a mistake.

Maybe, I can close my eyes and smile again.

Maybe, in your presence my heart wouldn’t break.

Maybe just maybe I can dream for a while.


I have no clue. Sometimes I wonder if you feel the same way.

Do you think of me like I think of you every second of the day?

I wonder if you sometimes silently call out my name?


In the beginning I thought it was fake, I didn’t think I could love somebody this much.

I’d never though I’d go this far. Now I can’t stop wondering where you are…


The question that keeps pondering my mind.

“Do you care?” “Do you even know?” “Will you always be there?”

If for any reason I cried, would you take the pain away?

If for any reason I tumble and fall, would you lend me a hand and catch me?

Would you hold my hand and tell the world that I am your world??


My love for you is way too strong for me to simply forget. Some people might think it is just another game we play, but your love is the one thing I can never regret.


Baby, just so you know…with every passing day I find myself falling more and more in love with you!






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Impossible?? NO!


You’ve changed my life from a blink of the eye
The feeling in this heart of mine I cannot deny
You’ve made each day one I’ll never forget
Everything we go through I will never regret

You are the gold I will treasure till the end
You are my soul mate and my best friend
You’ve done so much for me which I’m thankful for
You will always mean the world to me and so much more

You are my guardian angel sent from Heaven
The best thing in my life – my sexy Stinkybear and only one
You are the meaning to the word love
My heart agrees and so would any dove

You have chased away every single fear
You are my tissue that’ll wipe away any tear
You’ve given me life that I could live worthwhile
Thank you for the laughs and every smile

My days are a dream that has come true
Every day is beautiful all thanks to you
Now I have found what I’ve been looking for
It’s you heart and soul and nothing more

You’ve showed me the world in such short time
But we’ve got the rest of our lives – a whole lifetime
I’ll end this line with something you should already know
I love you so much more than these words show


I will only love you on the days

that end with “Y”.


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Bucerotidae *o*

I got tones of them flocking my work station yesterday. It was the company 10th anniversary on the 10.10.10 and the management decided to give us a lil surprise. Just a little…=)

See I told you it was just a lil surprise!

So now as you can see…everyday am eye-ing on its butt! ROTFL.



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Filofax 2011 *_-

Some of you might be thinking…What in the world is filofax?!


Truth is nothing fancy. Filofax is a company based in the UK that produces a range of well known personal organizer wallets. Its name originates from an abbreviation of the phrase “file of facts”. These organizers are traditionally leather bound and have a 6-ring-loose-leaf binder system which means you can put any type of refills you want. The good thing is that the leather they produce superbly done and chic AND every year, all you need to do is buy the refills. Not a whole new organizer anymore. Sounds good aye?

I was looking at these 2 options and thinking to order it online. I liked the first one “MALDEN” in ochre because of its rustic stitching with a touch of soft, casual construction. Height 147mm and its width 115mm would be just nice…don’t you think?

And the second option is “GRAPHIC ZIP” in red because it looks more urban and contemporary. And the zipper makes it look neat with its height 209mm and width 141mm.


Okay so now you must be wondering, what is the price like for these two. To my surprise it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to own a filofax. Malden is selling at GBP 55 where as Graphic Zip is at GBP 34. Not bad at all aye? SO now am fickle…so what. Am pretty well known at being fickle {LoL}. Which one you reckon I should get?






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Weekend Spent…

Oohhh…I haven’t had a “mind-blowing” weekend for quite sometime now and my lovely stinky bear made it happened for me. Nothing superb and expensive really… it was just the two of us doing nothing at home besides each other’s arms. We went to a wedding Saturday afternoon and did some groceries. Then we were at home downloading and watching movies. We ended the day with late supper at KFC and called it a day!

Sunday was totally a different story…we were supposed to get our arses to a career fair by Jobstreet. Not quite looking for a new job just need to see what is in the market and what are the salaries like nowadays. To my disappointment we did not go to the career fair since stinky bear is not that much of an early riser. I woke up about 8.30AM then slept again and finally got up around 10AM. Had my koko crunch cereal in front of spongebob squarepants before I went inside to wake him up. Waking stinky bear is definitely a hard work. Haha…not that am complaining. Am loving it every second of them all.

We got up got ready and went for lunch at Little Penang Cafe@KLCC before headed to Pavillion/Sg Wang/Low Yat/Lot 10 to meet his brother and a friend. That was quite a walk. I swear I was sweating like an Oink oink! But it was fun…i know stinky bear didn’t want to let me follow him because he knew they will be walking around NON-STOP but being the stubborn me, I want to be with him anywhere at all. I don’t care. LOL.

We were walking around in Low Yat and I sort of got myself into buying an HDMI cable. Finally! But that was definitely unnecessary spending indeed. We planned to have our dinner at Ar-Rawsha but ended at Kayu Nasi Kandar@Lot 10 instead!

We took the monorail back and went home. Tested the cable and voila!

P/S:: Thank you Mr. Stinky Bear for such a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to be in your arms again next week. Let’s go crazy again!




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