me babysitting? ahakS!!

Did I just caught you laughing at me? Not funny, okays! AM gooOod…

NO! I don’t have my own kids. But hey! am the eldest in my family therefore there is without a doubt, I babysat all my brothers and sisters including some cousins as well. To say I have tons of experience…well I don’t know. Probably not but I do know what to expect.

We’re talking about babies here people, NOT toddlers. They are way much much predictable. They cry when they’re hungry, sleepy, and of course when they wet their buttocks off. LOL.

See…I told it was easy peezy job. All you need to do is arrange everything, I mean their basic needs nearby within an arm stretch. Always have boiling water and clean sterilised bottles ready on the rack. Just in case they open their eyes as quickly as their mouth yelp a high pitched cry. They don’t bat their eyelashes you know…seldom yes!

So there you go, another one more thing you have to remember babies love colours. Anything that is colourful and eye-catching. Also some soothing music or songs.

AND, you’re good to go!!

P/S:: Look at baby Amani…sleeping like a log. Deep slumber. The whole morning and woke up around noon with a loud cry because she wanted nenen! Heeee….



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