‘Buka Puasa’ with only MYR2 —


With only MYR2 people out there may enjoy rice & 3 dishes? YES. You heard it right. Usually during Ramadhan, you will notice that dealers at bazaar Ramadhan really raking the price up. If you want to try out this MYR2 deal, you are invited to go and try it for yourself at Malaysia Negara Ku Restaurant in Shah Alam, owned by Datuk Zainal Abidin Awang Kechik who had 20 years of experience in food industry and owns several 7 stars hotel across the world.

The concept is very simple. To actually experience the taste of food, all you need to do is to show your Malaysia ID card as a proof that you’re a citizen. And you’re good to enjoy a plate of rice with 3-4 dishes and a drink. Not to worry, if you are not a citizen or you don’t have your ID card with you, MYR6 charges will apply. The objective is to educate the crowd of hygiene practices and the spirit of love for the country.

Uniquely, after finishing up the meal…their customers have to wash their plates and dishes just like when you were small. Mother will get you to finish your meal and clean up the table. The self service concept treats their customers equally regardless you’re bloody rich or poor.

The restaurant doesn’t aim to make a lot of profit but it is more towards charity-like business. It is to help less fortunate people out there. The owner makes sure that the quality and cleanliness during food preparation is up to the standard despite having volunteers to do all the cookings to ensure they could maintain such price.

The owner plans to open another 220 branches across Malaysia and continue their business operation until sahur.

Notes:: Pioneer and the first to come up with such ideas. Appealing and hope it will help those poor and less fortunate i.e. homeless people etc. At least these people can finally enjoy a decent meal. Congratulations to the owner of Malaysia Negara Ku restaurant for such a brilliant idea! Keep up the good work!!



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