¤~¤ Berbuka@ Emporium Grand Cafe

It’s NEW. It’s SWANKY.

Looking for a place to eat in the center of Kuala Lumpur that offers satisfactory feelings on both palate and your pocket without having to break your piggy bank? Then you might want to drop by at EMPORIUM GRAND CAFE in the dashing new Fraser Place, a chic black and white residential block situated next to Wisma Hong Leong along Jalan Perak.

Emporium offers a scrumptious 3 course Business Luncheon menu during weekdays for just MYR25. Ain’t that a good deal aye?! They have a selection of soups/salad, main courses {3 choices with 4 different menus daily} and tea/coffee. They are serving Mediterranean/Western/Local cuisines. Now enough about that, why not go try yourself? *wink wink*

In accordance to their black and white colour scheme, Emporium has a sensational ambience with splashes of black marble with swirls of wooden flooring. Smooth jazz songs to accompany the meal, they ensure their table placings provide a certain amount of privacy. If am not mistaken, Emporium able to cater 90+ seating pax and about 120+ standing crowd.

Someone brought me here for “berbuka” and the buffet was excellent { I don’t know how much is the price for the buffet, sorry! } The part I love best, of course… their array of desserts and the “teh tarik” which basically says a hearty delightful closure to our dinner yesterday.

Apart from that, Emporium entertains their diners with a live jazz band { their singers are excellent! }. Sultry deep sexy voice to lullaby your night. They also have a full bar with different range of drinks and wines from all over the world.

The set lunch menu is available from 11am to 3pm but Emporium is open all day long from 6am for breakfast to 11pm for dinner.

I had this idea of getting this place for my company annual dinner/christmas party. The food is great, the ambience is perfect, the music is marvelous…tell me why not? AND, it is so close to office…probably about 5 minutes walk. We could have the place to ourselves…think about it?



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