Great night @ parents place ♥

On Sunday morning, the 2nd day of my piercing…my daddy called up saying he is coming over to pick me up. SIGH! NOW…there I was barely awoke and mind was racing thinking of excuses to cover my slurring and lisping. ULCER!! Yesh! I got up and showered as quickly as I can and went down. My dad did not even asked. But my mom did when we were on our way to have seafood for dinner. I gave her my white lie and she kept quiet. Phewww!!!….

I was thinking…Oh effing shits! How am I not going to eat seafood?! Mommy gonna notice my stud!! Pretend?? Hmmm…” I was practically freaking out. Luckily we had to wait for our table and I had time to think straight. And oh well! I said to myself. Why waste a good dinner…let’s just dig in! And I did!!

An hour after I waited if there were any sign of itchiness or redness. IDK. Probably I was just waiting for my tongue to get even bigger and swollen than it already has? Haha. Disappointed and relieved at the same time— IT DID NOT!

Got home after an extremely heavenly scrumptious meal, mommy decided to make us her favourite Avocado Choc Smoothie. The ripe avocado and milk blended with ice and top with Hershey’s Choc syrup? There is only one word to describe it.




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