FINALLY—-got through it! pheww…

Don’t get me wrong…it is nothing as such {whatever you guys are thinking of} okay?! I had a dream of having Monroe piercing since ages but I never made it to the piercing parlor at all. It just remained lingers in my mind years after years. And when my fuddy duddy friend, Jitt was talking about piercing her nose, the idea jolted up off my brain once again. Well, rather than sitting down and re-thinking about the pros and cons all over again…{over & over & over…trust me it just goes on ending at ∞}, I decided to just go ahead and do it.

NOW! Here’s the story. Being so typical Scorpio me…I always analyse things. Even if it is at the very last minute, I will still do it subconsciously at the back of my mind. I was having trouble whether to go with so “visible” Monroe on my upper lips or “less” visible which is my tongue. And I always welcome opinions…so I started asking around, my friends and colleagues. Despite all their opinions, I asked the piercer herself and she suggested the tongue.

Reason being was:: I work in an office as Business Development. I go meet people and I don’t want people to see me unprofessional. I want that sleek and sophisticated look. SO I said okay let’s do my tongue!! Yeay!…And here comes the scary stories…

I started hearing about the infections, hepatitis, problems with chewing, swallowing foods, chipping tooth/teeth, speech impairment etc and so forth. Again, knowing my Scorpio instincts…those things didn’t stop me. I went to the parlor on Saturday and as I stood there waiting for the piercer to sterilise my stud and other equipment I had the urge to chicken out and run as fast as I can. Then I heard my name was called.

I went in and sat down on a chair and the piercer was telling me things which obviously didn’t go through my brain at all. All I remembered I was handed cups of Listerine and stuck out my tongue and VOILA!! It is done. Waiting and thinking about it feels like ages and having it done? –the process was like 15 seconds process! Haha.

I was so scared that it might be unbearably hurtful but it was not. Nada! Not until an hour later when I felt my tongue grew larger inside my mouth. Haha. They told me not to brush my tongue and not to use alcohol mouthwash i.e. Listerine, not to eat spicy or hot food, not to eat seafood and most importantly not to eat solid food 24 hours after the piercing was done.

And guess what?! Yeah yeah…irritating, stubborn and mawkishly silly Scorpio, I had McDonalds chicken burger right afterwards. The very next day I had seafood with my family. The third day, the swollen was gone and I was no more slurring and lisping. Yeay for me!

I had it for about 5 days now and it is not painful at all. I can toy with it now and no blood gushing out of my mouth at all!! My advise to those who want to pierce their tongues?

GET IT! And stop worrying too much. Life is too short to do so…



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