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Once a cat, always a cat…{*_*}

Talk about a cat that always be a cat…being such a baby! **sigh** The moment baby Amani came into the house he sort of scared, probably thinking that baby was a threat to him. And when baby Amani fell asleep, he slept too. Awwww…cute aye?! Acting like he’s some kind of watch dog {in this case, cat!} or something.

Anyhow, I knew he was jealous because I was giving extra attention to the baby. The moment baby went home, he jumped right in front of me and keep insisting to sleep on the duvet I’ve used to place baby Amani earlier.

What did I tell you? Look at his hand and the way he posed. What a baby!! {*_-}



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me babysitting? ahakS!!

Did I just caught you laughing at me? Not funny, okays! AM gooOod…

NO! I don’t have my own kids. But hey! am the eldest in my family therefore there is without a doubt, I babysat all my brothers and sisters including some cousins as well. To say I have tons of experience…well I don’t know. Probably not but I do know what to expect.

We’re talking about babies here people, NOT toddlers. They are way much much predictable. They cry when they’re hungry, sleepy, and of course when they wet their buttocks off. LOL.

See…I told it was easy peezy job. All you need to do is arrange everything, I mean their basic needs nearby within an arm stretch. Always have boiling water and clean sterilised bottles ready on the rack. Just in case they open their eyes as quickly as their mouth yelp a high pitched cry. They don’t bat their eyelashes you know…seldom yes!

So there you go, another one more thing you have to remember babies love colours. Anything that is colourful and eye-catching. Also some soothing music or songs.

AND, you’re good to go!!

P/S:: Look at baby Amani…sleeping like a log. Deep slumber. The whole morning and woke up around noon with a loud cry because she wanted nenen! Heeee….


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Outing & buka puasa @ Italianniese Gardens MV


I don’t know what happened to me nowadays even on weekends I still rise very {and I mean very very} early! Maybe an effect of waking up at 6AM everyday on weekdays. Heee….Well today is an exception since I made an appointment to do my car inspection at Bandar Tun Razak. I know I know….yes it was far indeed! Nothing much there except it took me more like 45 minutes from Jalan Ampang. Talk about the massive HooHah! at MRR2. Anyways, none major except for my seatbelt and eyelet cover which all have to be ordered.

GROWL! GROWL! Haha. That was how my tummy rumbling and all I have been thinking of was Chillies. My girl was thinking  of going out since her hubby is not around therefore we decided to hook up and managed to get ourselves to Midvalley. First destination was {of course!} Chillies!! Haha.

Unfortunately today is my so UNLUCKY day. It was closed for some renovations. So we headed to the nearest outlet we can think of, Tony Roma’s The Gardens MV. Sigh sigh. Bad service and not so helpful front desk staff. And there we saw Italiannies whom at first told us they were unable to take any booking for buka puasa.

Well, it was still early so we went back to Midvalley Mall and went for a little sight-seeing at the Baby Fair @Exhibition Hall. My dear friend, Delia bought couple of stuffs. Baby stuff of course! Lucky Amani! Yippee….And since it was still early to sit down at any food outlet, we decided to enter Isetan. Bad bad move!

WHY I said that?! Am impulsive shopaholic. Don’t you know that yet? That’s why I don’t use credit card. I knew am gonna get screwed…LOL. Anyhow, we did went in empty handed and came out with one GUESS hobo handbag! Hey hey …I got it off the rack with a good bargain. Seriously GOOD bargain! 40% discounted of its normal price MYR480/=. AIN’T IT A GOOD BARGAIN? I told you so!!

And so I paid for the bag and not an ounce of regret. I know am gonna regret it for all of my extra spendings but not because of the bag. It’s black and have 3compartments. Did I mention 3 large compartments? And yet it is still sleek and elegant. Yummy yummy!

NEXT destination we saw Italiannies and we decided to ask if we could just walk in and get a table. WOW fast and efficient…am impressed. Friendly and hospitable staff as well compared to that *&?$!~ Tony Roma’s. We decided to have the Ramadhan buffet they’re serving @ MYR 42++. And….Tony Roma’s called saying they finally have our table. Too bad we liked Italiannies hospitality better.Heee….

We were given as usual 2 type of breads with their famous virgin olive oil and fragrant balsamic vinegar along with superb Minestrone. The buffet consists of endless flow of appetizers and drinks {plain water/bandung rose syrup/soy bean milk} with a choice of 6/8 {hee…short term memory lost} entrees and a choice of 3 desserts.


Deliahad nice crispy Smoke Salmon Pizza {Smoked salmon slices, gorgonzola dill cream sauce, cream cheese and sliced onions.} and creamy Creme Brulee.

Lilly had a burned Fillet Mignon with Portabello Mushrooms {Two grilled beef filets served on a garlic bread with portabella mushrooms, french beans and rosemary potatoes with balsamic oil.} and sweet yet soft and smooth Tiramisu.

OVERALL RATING: 3.5 out of 5

Well normally Italiannies never disappoint me but this time they did. Their appetizers was excellent and the drinks were fine. They kept these 2 items on their buffet table running and flowing abundantly. But what disappoint me badly was their main course. My fillet mignon to be exact. It was burned and extra hard. No taste and to make it even worse, my potatoes were chewy. The green pepper sauce was ah-okay-okay only. Am guessing probably they were out of hand. Too many orders at one time. Maybe. Let’s hope they maintain their standard as before.

P/S:: Amani slept during the early strolling and walking around but then when the food came her eyes was wide open as if she knew its MAKAN time! LOL.


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‘Buka Puasa’ with only MYR2 —


With only MYR2 people out there may enjoy rice & 3 dishes? YES. You heard it right. Usually during Ramadhan, you will notice that dealers at bazaar Ramadhan really raking the price up. If you want to try out this MYR2 deal, you are invited to go and try it for yourself at Malaysia Negara Ku Restaurant in Shah Alam, owned by Datuk Zainal Abidin Awang Kechik who had 20 years of experience in food industry and owns several 7 stars hotel across the world.

The concept is very simple. To actually experience the taste of food, all you need to do is to show your Malaysia ID card as a proof that you’re a citizen. And you’re good to enjoy a plate of rice with 3-4 dishes and a drink. Not to worry, if you are not a citizen or you don’t have your ID card with you, MYR6 charges will apply. The objective is to educate the crowd of hygiene practices and the spirit of love for the country.

Uniquely, after finishing up the meal…their customers have to wash their plates and dishes just like when you were small. Mother will get you to finish your meal and clean up the table. The self service concept treats their customers equally regardless you’re bloody rich or poor.

The restaurant doesn’t aim to make a lot of profit but it is more towards charity-like business. It is to help less fortunate people out there. The owner makes sure that the quality and cleanliness during food preparation is up to the standard despite having volunteers to do all the cookings to ensure they could maintain such price.

The owner plans to open another 220 branches across Malaysia and continue their business operation until sahur.

Notes:: Pioneer and the first to come up with such ideas. Appealing and hope it will help those poor and less fortunate i.e. homeless people etc. At least these people can finally enjoy a decent meal. Congratulations to the owner of Malaysia Negara Ku restaurant for such a brilliant idea! Keep up the good work!!


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Langsat langsat!

Firman Allah SWT dalam Surah An-Nisa 4:48 & 116 —

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak akan mengampuni dosa syirik, dan Dia mengampuni segala dosa yang selain dari (syirik) itu, bagi siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya. Barangsiapa yang mempersekutukan Allah, maka sungguh ia telah berbuat dosa yang besar.”

Sesungguhnya Allah tidak mengampuni dosa mempersekutukan (sesuatu) dengan Dia, dan Dia mengampuni dosa yang selain syirik bagi siapa yang dikehendaki-Nya. Barangsiapa yang mempersekutu-kan (sesuatu) dengan Allah, maka sesungguhnya ia telah tersesat sejauh-jauhnya.”


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I could really use a wish right now!

This is one of my favourite song {Airplanes by B.O.B feat. Hayley Williams} for the moment. I just keep on wishing and wishing so hard…

This is a version by Karla Davis, 24 year old acoustic singer from North Carolina.



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Dream a lil dream of me…lalala!

Blending with imagination,
Loving dreams are made.
Each star shone brightly,
where colours never fade.

Upon the paths of dreams,
I feel love and light shine.
Uplifted on a moonbeam,
As your hands held mine.

The night shared together,
captivating the intimacy.
Guided upon silver trails,
As stars glisten radiantly.

In the pleasure I embrace,
it is where I want to be.
And all I have to do is dream…
As I feel you close to me.


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