Eyeing next door neighbour…

While everybody busy enjoying their supper at Melting Pot, we were busy eyeing on what looks like an old rally car. Citroen to be exact. There were like 5-8 cars lining up right in front of the hotel. I approached one of the owner, Mr.Harve’ and found out a lot of interesting information to be shared below (:

They are all hard-core proud owners of Citroen Traction Avant from all across Europe {France, Switzerland, Germany & Belgium}. This year, in the summer of 2010, TWENTY classic cars specifially 60-year old French-made Citroen “Traction Avant” will cover a total of more 100,000km in Malaysia and Thailand from July 19th- August 12th for a very unique adventure.

Organised by Tractions Sans Frontieres {“Tractions” without borders}, a French non-profit association entirely animated by volunteers. From KL to Bangkok via Chang Rai and the Golden Triangle, these remarkable Citroen old-timers will constitute a superb testimony of the French automotive know-how!

Tractions Sans Frontieres has already organised several such international “Traction” rallies: Africa (Morocco in 2005,2006,2007,2008,2010), Europe (Slovenia/Croatioa/Bosnia in 2008 and France/Belgium in 2009) and North America (Canada in 2007).

Each stop will be a great opportunity for friendly contacts with the local population. Hundreds or perhaps thousands of snapshots, questions and smiles…More often than not, someone will just sit in a Traction and ask for a short ride…simply just for the fun of it! And of course the answer will invariably be “SURE! LET’S GO!”

Thailand 2010 Citroen Rally

July 18th (Sun) Departure from Paris
July 19th (Mon) Arrival in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) –cars having already arrived
July 20th (Tue) Kuala Lumpur
July 21st (Wed) Kuala Lumpur
July 22nd (Thu) Kuala Lumpur / Cameron Highlands
July 23rd (Fri) Cameron Highlands
July 24th (Sat) Cameron Highlands / Georgetown
July 25th (Sun) Georgetown / Penang
July 26th (Mon) Penang / Malaysia-Thailand border / Trang
July 27th (Tue) Trang / Ao Nang
July 28th (Wed) Ao Nang
July 29th (Thu) Ao Nang / Chumphon
July 30th (Fri) Chumphon / Hua Hin
July 31st (Sat) Hua Hin / Nakhon Chaisi
Aug 1st (Sun) Nakhon Chaisi
Aug 2nd (Mon) Nakhon Chaisi / Nakhon Sawan
Aug 3rd (Tue) Nakhon Sawan / Phitsanulok
Aug 4th (Wed) Phitsanulok / Sukhotai
Aug 5th (Thu) Sukhotai / Lampang
Aug 6th (Fri) Lampang / Chiang Rai
Aug 7th (Sat) Chiang Rai
Aug 8th (Sun) Chaing Rai
Aug 9th (Mon) Chiang Rai / Phitsanulok
Aug 10th (Tue) Phitsanulok / Ayutthaya
Aug 11th (Wed) Ayutthaya / Nakhon Chaisi / Bangkok
Aug 12th (Thu) Bangkok (shipment of the cars back to Europe)
Aug 13th (Fri) Bangkok
Aug 14th (Sat) Bangkok / flight back to Europe
Aug 15th (Sun) Return in Europe




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2 responses to “Eyeing next door neighbour…

  1. Zainuddin

    Met your group near Kek Lok Si, Penang

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