2010 Raya Prep =s

I went back to Kota Bharu last weekend and wasn’t really planning to shop. But you know how women are…we ended spending 2 hours in a textile shop. You would have probably guess! YES! I bought 3 designs for my raya this year with discounted price. A GREAT BARGAIN INDEED!!

Rather than wait to do everything at the very last minute, I took my mom’s advice and went to the tailor. [Refer to image below] The first two will be made into modern kurung{the left: beaded kris neck & the right: embroidered kris neck} and back-pleated sarong. On your left: will be just the normal plain kurung, the middle and on your right: also normal kurung but lightly beaded. Can’t wait for the results! Yippee yippee happy!!

Now I can save my monies for angpow. **SIGH!**


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