Saturday Day & Night!

Wow! My weekend was so hectic that I barely sat down and relax. Saturday I accidentally woke up late and postponed my training an hour later. I was supposed to meet Shehzaad in KLCC and go back to my parent’s place to pass my sister’s birthday gift. But a friend text and just a blink of an eye, my plan changed. Well…somehow this so called friend successfully made me pissed. After re-arranging my plan, she text again saying “OH! Another friend text me and …” Needless to say, she went out with another friend instead!

Tell me who wouldn’t be mad?! Anyways, I still went to my training, had late lunch with trainer, didn’t get to see Shehzad, bought my sister and a friend their birthday presents AND head back to Seremban.


Nothing unusual back at my parent’s place, however I was glad my sister likes her present…PHEW!

Betcha must be wondering what was it…nothing fancy though! Just some nice holes punched white wedges from VINCCI. And bloody expensive too! Cost me MYR89/=

AND not forgetting, one of my bestie’s birthday too! Got her a simple black wristlet from Accesorize. Let’s hope she likes it…

Sigh..Sunday activity is coming up!


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