:: OBSESSED :: with Rubik Cube !

LMAO. I know i know… why now you must be asking. Well am asking you why not?!

The rubik cube is a 3D mechanical puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno Rubik which was originally known as the “Magic Cube”. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes have sold worldwide making it the world’s top-selling puzzle game. It is widely considered to be the world’s best-selling toy.

In a classic Rubik’s Cube, each of the six faces is covered by nine stickers, among six solid colours (traditionally white, red,blue, orange, green, and yellow). A pivot mechanism enables each face to turn independently, thus mixing up the colours. For the puzzle to be solved, each face must be a solid colour. Similar puzzles have now been produced with various numbers of stickers, not all of them by Rubik. The original 3×3×3 version celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2010.

Well anyways, if am going through all the mechanism, permutations and its algorithms, it will be never ending. To make this whole obsession story short, it took me 2 bloody whole days to figure out how to solve this mathematical puzzle.

2 days!!

From messy to complete 3x3x3


Give it a try! I guarantee you fun & HEADACHE!!



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One response to “:: OBSESSED :: with Rubik Cube !

  1. Someone gave me this link on how to solve the rubik. Little he knows i have already found my own solution… haha…
    To those who are still looking on ways to solve them…
    visit this… never tried his solution but i guess it should work. his solution looked much more simpler than mine. lmao.

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