Good bargain!

Yep! Got this from Wangsa Walk at a very good price MYR65. Darn cheap!

Beige & off white polka dots on dark olive green. The yellowish beige small tudung inside has already been in my closet for years. Finally put to use 😉

Baby pink, baby blue and purple with lilac small tudung. Guess the price for both? LOL. Not more than MYR15 both 😉 Yep! It’s the truth indeed….

These two pictures are actually with the same dark aquamarine & aubergine purple scarf. The only difference is one with BLACK small tudung and the other one with LILAC small tudung. You can always play with the colours!

This one was already in my closet. Bought it in MV for my Middle Eastern trip.

All these bought with my dearest dearest friend, Delia. We went out this evening and ended up finishing the notes in our pockets. LMAO. Tiring definitely but worth while. Thank you Delia!



Filed under rOck my wOrl:D

2 responses to “Good bargain!

  1. d3lia5

    its ok babe! but you really looks nice in tudung too. cheers! 😀

  2. haha….thanks dear. doa2 kan aje semoga mendapat hidayat yang berkekalan …inshaAllah sampai masa aku pakai ;))

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