TIPS: To Lighten UP Your Days With Your Other Half ;)

1.  Make a date night! [DONE]

Plan an amount that you can afford, say about MYR10 a week. Then take it in turns to plan a ‘date’ that fits within this budget. After a few weeks, give a reward to whoever planned the best date.

2.  Hug him spontaneously. [DONE-every night:P]

-It’s surprising how much physical contact drops after the first few months of a relationship (trust me it is so true…), so give him some hugs and bring that physical closeness back.

3.  Surprise him in the shower! [NOT SURE I did that all the time…I like my private time!]

4.  Dig out a monopoly (any board games basically) and play a STRIP version. [DONE it about a year ago]

5.  Email him some sexy thoughts. [ DONE as well as using e-cards.]

– Do it while he’s at work. He will be dying to get home.

6.  Rent an ‘adult’ video and watch it together. [DONE. We bought Kamasutra video.]

– If nothing else, you’ll have a laugh together over the terrible acting. TRUST ME!

7.  Go on a picnic, and make sure it’s a secluded spot. [ PLANNED. This Feb maybe.]

– Bonding in the outdoors is brilliant FUN!

8.  Slip into something sexy and surprise him. [ DONE. Last year’s XMAS Party.]

9.  Spend some time doing something you both love. [DONE. He came up with last minute idea & we watched Avatar 3D.]– OR you can simply make time for one of his favourite hobbies e.g. he loves PS3, so we spent our New Year’s Eve went goO-gOo-gAga over PS3.

10.  Read a book together. [DONE too. He is not a book person. SO I read a book & he read a magazine.]

– It is just an excuse to just be together, be intimate and making an effort.

11.  Challenge him to a sports game. {NEED TO TRY}

–  Maybe the winner can choose the nights activities. It will be great fun even if you don’t end up in the showers after!

12.  Bake some cakes, and spell out a sexy message along them in icing. {CUPCAKES!!}

– Let him read!!

13.  Make a scrapbook of your favourite moments together. [USED to do it. Not anymore. Or at least…NOT YET.]

– I did includes pockets or envelopes with notes and pictures inside.

14.  Cook a candle lit dinner. [HAVE ALWAYS DONE.]

– Maybe should try eat it in something sexy or perhaps naked?! Am sure I’ll blow his mind. LOL.

15.  Strip! {NEVER THINK OF IT}

– Rent a movie or check out YOUTUBE and learn some moves. Believe me, he’ll be amazed and you won’t be able to do much before he’s all over you!

16.  Get a temporary tattoo set. [DONE IT! I got a rose and he got eye drop on his face.]

17.  Send him a sexy picture message. {HMM..WILL THINK ABOUT IT}

18.  Book a last minute weekend away. [ALWAYS.]

– Make use of the room service and act like honeymooners!!



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