[Baby]…I Love You. EVEN Though You’re Sometimes PAIN in My Neck!

For souls born in April Mars Governs the Aggressive, Warlike and Impatient Constellation Of Aries. ~ By Dr. Louis Turi.

[Note:: Hitler, Saddam Hussein and POW Jessica Lynch were born in April under the jurisdiction of the red planet of war, MARS!]

~talk about massive destructions…http://emo.huhiho.com

Assertive Mars controls the month of April. In Greek mythology, this planet is called “The Lord of War”, and rules the impatient sign of Aries. You were born a leader. However, because of your inborn impatience you will learn by your mistakes. Your strong and impatient desire to succeed must be controlled and hasty decisions avoided. Others perceive you as a competitive and motivated person. More than any other sign of the zodiac, souls born in April must learn steadiness, organisation and most of all, diplomacy! When confronted, grace and charm does not really belong to you.

Martian souls possess strong leadership and engineering abilities and April men are attracted to dangerous sports, speed, engineering, and the military. Due to your “turbo charged” personality, you are also accident-prone to the head, and should protect it. Both males and females born in April tend to talk too much and must learn to listen to other and control impatience. You must focus on your needs steadily and finish what you have started! Inadvertently the “red” uncontrolled Martian personality will hurt sensitive souls; thus damaging the chances for respect and promotion.

Baby, your explosive temper is generated by an inborn fear of rejection and an inferiority complex. Do not take rejection or opposition personally. The “childlike” attitude could attract manipulative spirits wishing to structure or use the immense creativity and energy of the Mars competitive spirit.

You do love your home and you are responsible with your family. Nevertheless you prefer to be where the action is, as you get bored easily. If you practice patience, tolerance and diplomacy, there is no limit to where Mars will take you: all the way to the highest level of accomplishment. Your main lesson is to learn all the diplomatic and loving traits of the opposite Venus-ruled sign Libra. Once you find yourself and confidence, the option to become a leader in any chosen field will be given to you.

AND ME, baby, being a SCORPIO: Born in November…http://emo.huhiho.com

The planet Pluto and the intense sign of Scorpio govern the month of November. You inherited a powerful will and you are attracted to the unknown, the medical professions, the police force, metaphysics, politics and general investigations. You are quite private, secretive even mystic and like all other water signs you excel in the study of metaphysics. Unless you are aware of your innate powers you are well advised not to sting your life and yourself with your own dart. You carry in your soul the element of life and death, reincarnation and pure sensuality.

On a negative note, your magnetic thoughts can reach anyone anywhere for good or for worse bringing its accompanying karma to your life. The young Scorpio soul will experience drama, despair and imprisonment during the course of its life. However, the destructive energies of Pluto can be channeled positively to accomplish tremendous results.

Your sign rules the Mafia, the police force and the absolute power of creation or destruction including sex. The message is quite clear when representing anyone born in November. No one should take chances under Pluto’s command. Realizing the Eagle (positive) in you is your challenge and your own birthright for creation or destruction. These souls have no known fears in the face of death. Many advanced Pluto children will “fly” like an eagle above the destructive Lizard (negative) emotions and legendary jealousy. Strong, private and dominant, you were born with a practical mind and an acute intuition.

Your lesson is to control and direct constructively your deep emotions and use Pluto’s ultimate power for the well being of society. You regenerate with investigation and spiritual growth, and must uncover your unique mission in life. You are interested and aspire only for the undiluted truth. The women of this sign are seen in Divine Astrology as “la femme fatale.” You are sensual, classic, intellectual, reserved, and super magnetic. You tend to use your inner sexual power and physical beauty to reach your goals. However even as a powerful Scorpio you are very weak with affairs of the heart and tend to be in love with love. A word of caution for you: Do not use your poisonous stinger against yourself or society.

IN SUMMARY:: Baby, we’re both imperfect. We’re humans. Both of us still learning and discovering new things about each other. Troubles always loom. We both are selfish and both want to make decisions. There is a basic clash of wills because you want to dominate and me, I want to control. ME as a Scorpio, we are secretive and brooding nature frustrates open, impulsive Aries, YOU! Where as you, Aries is freedom-loving, outgoing, and flirtatious, and this enrages possessive, jealous Scorpio. Temperamental differences undermine the relationship we have baby….

Let us work this out on both our sides and I am sure everything will turn out just OK.

Love always,


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