25 Things You Need To Know About ME *wink*

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Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

Geez…here goes nothing! Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that I won’t be repeating myself all over again.

1- I’m MALAY! Stop asking whether am I Chinese, Sabahan, Sarawakian etcetera. HUSH!

2- Am the eldest in my family NOT the youngest.

3- I wanted my car plate number to be my year of birth but unfortunately someone took the number “84”. I have No choice to be one year younger. So my car is NBW 85…;}p~

4- Am learning French of which almost more than often not a single time without failure, I got my tongue twisted.

5- OMG…I found out I’d actually put on 12kgs throughout 2009. Now am back in gym every single day with my PT to get rid of that 12 kilos…

6- I hate my working hours. It’s shitty shit but they pay well… Guess I shouldn’t be complaining should I?

7- I have 2 kittens at home which sleeps on my bed every single night. Shall I say extremely naughty, hyper and mischievious Tupac & Lil Kim 😉

8- AM creepy crawlies of the night. You might be wondering why. I can only sleep from dusk till dawn. When its dawn, I got up ready for work…;}p

9- I love my mon-ange. Ma smelly cat. I know some of you wonder why but he got his own charm. Words only diminish them.

10- This week I managed to drag my self from bed and went to the gym 4 times-work out for 2 hours single time! HoO-raH!!

11- I’m a SCORPIO. I don’t stung unless I found out someOne backstab me, am gonna retaliate back.

12- I love outdoOr activities…I missed those days when I always go camping, hiking, kayak-ing, ice-skating, archery, futsal, a lot more. Geez!

13- I LOVE TRAVELLING. Last year, I only managed to get myself to Dublin, IE, Cherating, and the usual GENTING.

14- 2010 destinations is Lang Tengah Island and Hong Kong(maybe). 😉

15- I can get really occupied and unconscious of my surroundings if I indulge myself to SUDOKU 😉

16- Am quick-tempered but really easy to cool down. I never held grudges because most of the time, I’ve forgotten what am angry for or at.

17- Emotional intensified. Haha ;}p ** I can’t watch other people cry or in pain, my tears gonna starts to dwell and drop **

18- I love to blog. Or at least used to. Now I don’t really have the time.

19- I love to read and write poems. Talk about hopeless romantic. LMAO !!

20- I’ve planned to plan my own wedding. It’s definitely gonna be WHITE, SILVER & AQUAMARINE !! Lovely

21- WHOAA!! Slow down your horses!! Am not getting married any sooner. Aren’t you forgetting something?? I don’t even have THE GROOM. LOL

22- I LOVE MUSIC. SO MUCH. It’s the universal language that everyone knows and understands, rite?? ;P

23- Love dancing. Am looking for partners to take up Salsa. YeeHAaa….

24- My QUOTES ARE :: “You have only one moment in your hands -the real moment. And you will not get this moment again. Either you live it or you leave it unlived. –” and “One day your life will FLASH before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching. –”

25- Last but not least! EVERYONE SAID I’M StUBBORN!! REAL Stubborn… I don’t know. It’s for me to Know & for yOu to find OUT.




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2 responses to “25 Things You Need To Know About ME *wink*

  1. I don’t know how I got to your site but these 25 things about you seem amazing. I’ve wanted to go to Lang Tengah Island for a while now.

    • Hi there,

      Great to know you liked my ramblings. Frankly, Lang Tengah Island is really nice. I’ve been there before about 3 years ago and took my diving license there. I stayed at http://www.dcoconutlagoon.com/index.asp . The best time to go is between Feb and April as there aren’t many people yet. You can even register early and may have the chance to get their early bird discounts ;))

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