Secret Santa ~c(+

I love Christmas time because it is time to pig out without having to feel guilty giving in to all those calories. I loved these chocolates and they are my weakness throughout the year not only on Christmas!

In a dark red and pink wallpaper like designed box you are straight the way attracted to the picture of dark swirly chocolate mounds pictured next to some bright shiny cherries with the caption “Cherry liqueurs, dark chocolates with a whole cherry and brandy center” the words had me drooling let alone when I lifted the perforated lid and smelt the divine smell of chocolate.

Each of the 21 chocolates enclosed are individually wrapped in a dark red see through wrapper twisted at the top so you simply have to untwist and eat. Made from sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa, cherries, brandy, cocoa butter, butter oil, emulsifier, soya lecithin and natural flavourings.

After twizzling open the cherry liquor you can now smell the chocolate and brandy enthused together. I always bite the flat end of the chocolate off first and suck the liqueur out of the middle first which was nice because it was really thin and smooth it was almost sucking up pure brandy with the heat running down the back of your throat and the strong brandy aroma going straight to your head. I honestly think if you ate all of these you could get tipsy there that strong, through the brandy you can taste the sweetness of the cherry.

I loved these chocolates so much and since I have no idea what to give my office colleague…I thought “Hey! Why not share it?!” I have edited the picture for you guys to drool over. 😉

P/S:: I know you’re wondering who this person is but if am going to tell you who…then, it wouldn’t be SECRET SANTA…would it?? LOL


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