CHICK-a-PEA [kitty]

I guess it runs in our blood. I love kitties. Last weekend I went back to my parents place and my dad told me we have another kitty added to our family. He followed my brother home. Not that my brother picked him and put in the car but he climbed at the back of the car and stayed there. My brother didn’t even know or realised that the kitty was hitching his ride all the way back to our house. Upon arrival, my dad saw the kitty jumping off from the stepper at the back of the car looking greasy and really {I mean reaaalllyy dirrrty!} dirty. What can I say growing up in kitty-fanatic family…my sister took the cat in and adopted him. CHICK-A-PEA is his name…why that name you may ask? According to my sister, the kitty is a real naughty one. He will bite and chew on anything. Pouncing on anything that moves…. 😉

p/s:: I got his picture on my phone but am unable to transfer it at the mo. Will do when I can …**chuckles**


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