World PINK. World Without Breast Cancer.

Imagine a world without breast cancer.

Last Saturday, Oct. 3rd to be precised, I joined this charity walk and even though I was there alone, no friends or girls {not sure where my girls at?}… I felt great. Had fun. Proceeds from that event was 100% contributed to the BCA Campaign fund.

pink world

Did you see the PINK KL Tower above? As a matter of fact, the illumination of more than 200 global landmarks in pink lights in the name of breast cancer! These include Taiwan’s Taipei 101 Tower, Shanghai’s Nan Pu Bridge, Niagara Falls in Canada, the Sydney Opera House, Empire StateBuilding in New York, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Tower of London and Malaysia’s Menara Kuala Lumpur.

Wear a ribbon. Get involved.
We can turn the world pink.
We can save so many lives!


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