To The


Silence speaks of your impending surrender

To the agony of the unrelenting torment you suffer

For you are caged within this frail mortal body

While your soul longs to take flight and be free.

Your secret dreams have been crushed

They have been reduced to nothing but dust

Your hopes have been dashed to pieces

They lie scattered about in a thousand places.

Fate has dealt you a cruel blow

You’ve been left to face the bitter cold

Of chilling blizzards and howling winds

Which threaten to snuff out the fire within.

How much more can you endure?

Will you ever find the cure?

For this plight that plagues you so

Or you will give up and simply let go?

My friend, I urge you to keep up the good fight

Fight with all your heart, soul and might!

For even in the face of perilous danger

Bear in mind that your redemption is near.

No matter how long this road may seem

Even if the way is dark and dim

Press on until you see the light

Do not give up without a fight.

When it seems that no one understands

When it feels like no one can comprehend

The difficulties you are facing on your own

Please remember that you are never alone.

Life is like a raging battlefield some say

Personal wars are being fought every day

Some will triumph while others will lose

Your destiny depends solely on what you choose.

I pray that you will be counted among the winners

Amongst those who simply would not surrender

Those who held fast to their faith and beliefs

Who refused to succumb to their pain and grief.

Take heart my friend, in the midst of sorrow

For you will surely see a brighter tomorrow

Be brave in the face of great adversity

Until you’ve tasted the sweetness of victory!


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