LIES Fact Sheet

10 Things You Need to Know About Lies & Lying

  1. Lying is the number one reason that people lose trust.
  2. The most common reason that people lie is to avoid confrontation. Getting in trouble is never fun but lying to avoid it is always a “band-aid” solution. When the truth comes out the confrontation is guaranteed to be even more unpleasant than it would have been without the lie. A lie compounds the problem, it doesn’t solve it.
  3. Another common reason people lie is to make themselves seem “better” or more aspects of your life or even limit your future in unforseeable ways.
  4. Lies are like dominos – one lie can knock out whole relationships, destroy entire aspects of your life or even limit your future in unforeseeable ways.
  5. Lies are a gamble. Everytime you lie you gamble with being caught.
  6. Lies have a way of getting out and coming back to haunt you.
  7. The worst lies are the ones you tell yourself. When you lie to others you are also lying to yourself.
  8. Chronic lying can signal a psychiatric or social disorder. If you find yourself “lying for no reason” or to cover up behavior that you know is harmful consider seeking professional help.
  9. Lies can damage your self image and cause inner conflicts (like dissonance) that drastically change the way you view, and act upon, the world and other people.
  10. “Little white lies” are lies that are told about superficial things and are told when the truth would only serve to hurt another person. They ARE NOT told to avoid confrontation or cover up the harmful actions of another person. For example: telling another friend that a haircut looks good when you don’t really like it is a “little white lie”, telling your parents that you are spending the night at a friend’s house so that you can stay out past curfew is NOT.

That’s it for today folks! Tomorrow will be a topic – TO TRUST OR NOT TO TRUST? :S


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