Since I was doing nothing today with mon ange went off to his cousin’s place, I followed my friend to run few errands. We made our way to Midvalley somewhere around 3pm…but hell as you guys probably knew, parking bays from A-H were fully occupied. The long queue were all heading for either valet or Gardens! SO, we thought rather than disturbing the queue…we head off to CapSquare. EMPTY! Free parking! Good FOOD! and last but not least, ICE AGE 3!

We head to Midvalley only at night, half past 8 and easily we got our own bay near the entrance. 🙂

First destination Carrefour. We were actually waiting for trolleys since there were none and decided to hover around at the electronic sections. Woman is a shOpaholic creature created by God! Geezzz…..

We? Urhh…she ended buying 32′ LCD LG TV and one unit AC. The best part is we got MYR200 off for the LCD and she got free gift(s). 🙂 Mind you, a good free gift! We got ourselves a 12 pieces dining set and she sneaked into our trolley a set of nice fluffy towel. That why my gift up there has ”S” in a bracket. Thanks to my loony friend! LMAO….

Then only we set off to get our original quest done. Shopping for office pantry is not as easy as you think! Phewwww….damn tiring but because I have good companion, we were not really tired because of the outing but because of all our stupid crappy jokes. We laughed and kept laughing until our jaw nearly get broken.

MAN!! I need a ‘jaw’ massager… 😛

DSC00079This is the LCD I was talking about. MYR 200 off! Good deal aye?!


DSC00081The oBonekenObee pantry shopping!


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