Costume Style

AT THIS year’s posh Costume Institute Gala in New York, a throng of female celebrities walked the red carpet in their best duds, shiniest blings and highest heels.

The Costume Institute Gala is an annual benefit event hosted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and chaired by Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour. The gala is an exclusive event, and attracts a long list of who’s who in the fashion and film industries, ranging from top designers and top models to divas and socialites.

Up-and-coming entertainers or models don’t usually turn up because they probably can’t afford the hefty ticket price (each one starts at a whopping US$6,500!), unless somebody forks out the cash for them.

But then again, they’re probably not invited…

This year, the gala saw a diverse group of celebrities decked out in high fashion glory on the red carpet. Some looked great, like Blake Lively and Marion Cotillard and Katy Perry. Others, however, went a little overboard with their costumes and looked rather ridiculous — even though the event usually allows guests to go over-the-top with their style.

Here are some of the pictures of celebrities who attended the gala:

Lovely: Blake Lively

Lovely: Katy Perry

Lovely: Marion Cotillard

OTT but OK: Elizabeth Hurley

OTT but OK: Zac Posen and Helena Christensen

OTT but OK: Victoria Beckham

Weird but funny cute: Madonna

Weird but funny cute: Rihanna

What?: Mary-Kate Olsen

What?: Kirsten Dunst

OMG!: Leighton Meester

OMG!: Tyra Banks (no need to see her dress, that hair’s enough to scare anyone!)


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